Mechanical design

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Meddvea has significant experience in the mechanical design of surgical instruments and implants. This expertise covers a range of services, from coming up with ideas to manufacturing specifications.

  • Supervising mechanical testing, the drawing up of protocols and the drafting of final reports;
  • Creating prototypes for visual demonstration or functional tests in the final equipment;
  • Modelling and devising plans in compliance with international (“GPS”-ISO 8015) and American (“GD&T”-ASME Y14.5) standards. Meddeva has software that is edited by PTC and ANSYS and keeps abreast of the main CAO software that is available on the market (NX Unigraphics, SolidWorks).

A certified research body

Meddeva is a research body that is certified by the French Research Ministry. As such, Meddeva’s research and development services are eligible for a research tax credit and can be used to calculate the tax credit (certificate available upon request).

+ Meddeva uses finite element analysis to optimize design. With this method, we can compare technical solutions and identify the standard model to test from a range of products and thereby reduce design time and costs. As part of a study that is correlated to mechanical tests, finite element analysis can also be used to assess distortions in standard boundary conditions reflecting actual specifications.