Clinical evaluation

Evaluating clinical performance,demonstrating conformity with regulations increasing selling points

Meddeva can help you to identify, collect and analyse clinical data when it comes to your product or project. To do so, we have developed our own methods and tools to search and analyse publications.

  • We search relevant publications in recognized databases, retrieve data using a pre-determined working framework and conduct assessments of a given clinical performance;
  • We write reports in line with directive requirements and recommendations found in interpretation guides that are currently used;
  • When literature is reviewed at the start of development projects, users’ needs can be defined based on factual data. After we define and validate the area of research with you, we periodically make queries and sum up the latest publications in a single document.

+ Meddeva reports and studies have been examined and approved by most notified bodies, including G-Med, TÜV, Rheinland, BSI, SGS, DEKRA.